Provide confidence for everything you sell on online

Package protection for your buyers. Claims support for your business.

Lost, stolen & damaged packages are a fact of online life. So are claims. Leave it all to us. You. Just. Sell.
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Sell more products
save more money
Earn more profits

Are you selling products online?

Well then, you’re probably… Loosing money resending lost or damaged packages. Lacking staff or expertise to deal with package protection yourselves. Paying big bucks hiring staff to handle claims. Or suffering poor reviews because customers are frustrated with your claims process. And, customers are less likely to buy products when they cannot insure their shipments.

We feel ya. We’ve been there. That’s why we started this business.

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Figure out in minutes if ShipInsurer is right for you.

Can package protection be this easy?

Yup. Same with claims. And pay nothing to protect products once they leave your facility. This is a free service you can add for your customers. They’ll certainly appreciate it. And buy more.

Peace of mind

Never again worry, lift a finger, or lose a dollar for lost or damaged packages

Peace of mind—for buyers

Protect products + easy claims = confidence & comfort when ordering from your website

Stay focused

Let someone else deal with angry customers about lost or damaged packages

Waste less

Save money not having to pay for damaged or lost goods you shipped

Sell more

Sell more goods by making it easy & safe for online buyers

Sell (even) more

Make another sale at full price for each claim made by customers

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”We stalled for years offering package protection for our online customers. Just didn’t seem right having to learn all this & handle claims ourselves. And now, we don’t. We just installed the app and left the rest to ShipInsurer. Wish they would have been around years ago.”

Malcom, Founder for large online retailer

“We gave it a try, handling claims ourselves. It just wasn’t in our company DNA. A fellow entrepreneur told us about ShipInsurer. We learned more, signed up & turned it on. So now, we don’t have to do a thing when it comes to offering protection or dealing with customer claims. Perfect.”

Sharlene, VP of Marketing for kids’ online sales

“We actually saw sales increase when we started offering package protection on our Shopify site. ShipInsurer was the easiest solution we’ve ever seen for our business. Our customers feel more safe buying protection for their products. We know, we’ve asked them.”

Ted, Director of sales for ecommerce website

Protection, claims & refunds—oh my

Don’t pay a thing for a refund ever again. Don’t do a thing for a claim ever again. Don’t think about a thing ever again when it comes to lost or damaged packages. It’s as easy as…


We’ll talk briefly to understand your needs. You can decide right then & there.


Upload the app. Install it. Configure a few merchant settings. All in a few minutes.


Return to your primary focus. We’ll handle all claims & refunds. Your customers will be protected. Your business will be more profitable.

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We saw the need

We started this company because we felt the pain ourselves. Fulfillment is complex enough without having to become experts at protecting packages. We see too many businesses selling high-volume products performing wasted activities. So here we are: 1) Helping businesses stay focused. 2) Providing security for their buyers. 3) Handling everything when anything goes wrong for their lost or damaged shipments. Want the same for your ecommerce business?

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We know what you’re going through

Because we’ve been there before — where you are now.

10+ years owning & operated fulfillment centers
10+ years as online retailer
We solved this problem ourselves—now doing the same for others

Two services—all in one

It’s one thing to offer package protection to customers. It’s another to help them when their order gets lost or damaged. We’ve gotcha.

Package Protection

It’s all in the app. Your ecommerce site will know all it needs to know after you download, install & configure a few things. Then? Just sell.

Claims Support

Again, this is all in the backend. You need not worry what happens to lost or damaged orders. We’ll handle customers thoughtfully. Customers will appreciate your service.

Why gamble with your
ecommerce business?

“I’m frustrated with our business handling claims. Tired of hearing from Finance how much we’re losing. And done worrying about workers wasting precious time for our high-volume business. I want an expert to handle all this. I’m ready for less hassles and higher margins.”
Excellent. Let’s make that happen.
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